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Plagued by Mosquitos?

Introducing the “Mosquito Egg”, a mosquito repellent which is a porous, clay vessel shaped like an egg that can hang or sit on a table top.  It is filled with natural plant oils that are pleasant smelling to humans, but mosquitos stay away because they do not like it.  Each egg protects up to 200 sq ft and comes in a box with a bottle of refill and measure cup.  No flames, no sprays, no pesticides.

I was skeptical at first until I tried it at my house in the woods.  I have one hanging under my outdoor dining table, another by my balcony door, and more by my entrances.  I am sold!  I am so impressed, I have become a distributor and can sell these for under retail cost to my customers.  I am offering each egg for $17.99 and we will deliver on your maintenance day.  We also are offering the service to do refills every 2 weeks to keep them active for $2.00 for the oil and $3.00 labor per egg.   Or for you do-it-yourselfers, we can just sell you the bottles of refill.

This is a GREAT product, SAFE and INEXPENSIVE.  Call our office if you have questions or want to get on schedule for your delivery.    972-733-4282

Sincerely,  Mike Trantham, President

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