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May Maintenance Tips

May is the time when plants and flowers flourish!

  • Plant caladiums
  • Plant warm season annuals – zinnias, lantana, hibiscus
  • Wait until June to plant periwinkles
  • Put in landscaping and new grass
  • Cut branches that are hanging down on roof or hitting side of house
  • Raise and level low hanging branches of trees
  • Start raising mowing height of grass
  • At the end of May – cut back azaleas and hawthornes severely if needed after blooming
  • Fertilize flowers every three months with slow release fertilizer, or every 3 weeks with superbloom
  • Last call to fertilize trees. ¬†Does not do much good after May.
  • Fertilize lawn – continue every 5-6 weeks
  • Begin spraying for insects and continue spraying for fungus
  • Set sprinklers for 3 times a week or as water restrictions dictate
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