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March Maintenance Tips

March signals the beginning of Spring and is the time to get the lawn cleaned up and ready for warm weather~ 

  • Scalp the lawn
  • Average last frost date for Dallas/Ft. Worth is usually March 21st
  • Plant cool season and perennial flowers now
  • Cut back groundcover – liriope, asian jasmine, etc
  • Turn and cultivate beds to break up hard crust that has formed over winter
  • Cut back die-back on pampas grass and other plants
  • Re-mulch or re-compost 2″-3″ deep
  • Place orders for caladium bulbs
  • Add new landscaping
  • Cut way back overgrown shrubs – except azaleas and hawthornes until they bloom.
  • Put out hummingbird feeders
  • Plant vegetable garden
  • Fertilize trees, shrubs, groundcover and lawn (continue fertilization every 5-6 weeks)
  • Put down superphosphate on azaleas, hydrangeas, and crepe myrtles in early March)
  • Spray for fungus on roses, hawthornes, and photinias
  • Set sprinkler to twice a week unless there are new plantings or whatever water restrictions dictate.


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