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January Maintenance Tips

January is the time to prepare for the Spring and Summer.  Read below for some helpful January landscaping tips!

  • Trim seed pods off crepe myrtles
  • Plant spring bulbs – tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc
  • Trim roses
  • Mulch beds
  • Plant or transplant trees and shrubs
  • Mow lawn to even out brown grass to give a crisp appearance
  • Plan and prepare beds for spring landscapes before rush starts
  • Take advantage of our annual 20% off special on tree trimming
  • Remove mistletoe in trees
  • Put down pre-emergent in lawn to help control weeds
  • Spray dormant oil on fruit trees and plants that are prone to scale
  • Sprinklers can be in the off position to water as necessary manually

February Maintenance Tips

February in Texas is a transition to Spring!  Read below for some helpful February landscaping tips!

  • Make plans now and get on list for starting or adding on new landscaping before spring rush so you don’t have to wait
  • February 14th: buy your landscaper candy and a Valentine’s Day card
  • Tree pruning
  • Still OK to prune back roses
  • Last call on crepe myrtle seed pod removal
  • Gutters need cleaning for homes with large trees near home
  • Put up Martin houses and bird houses
  • Best time to fertilize trees
  • Check out sprinklers before spring planting
  • Sprinklers can still be in the off position and only water when there is a shortage of rain. Please conserve water whenever possible.

March Maintenance Tips

March signals the beginning of Spring and is the time to get the lawn cleaned up and ready for warm weather~ 

  • Scalp the lawn
  • Average last frost date for Dallas/Ft. Worth is usually March 21st
  • Plant cool season and perennial flowers now
  • Cut back groundcover – liriope, asian jasmine, etc
  • Turn and cultivate beds to break up hard crust that has formed over winter
  • Cut back die-back on pampas grass and other plants
  • Re-mulch or re-compost 2″-3″ deep
  • Place orders for caladium bulbs
  • Add new landscaping
  • Cut way back overgrown shrubs – except azaleas and hawthornes until they bloom.
  • Put out hummingbird feeders
  • Plant vegetable garden
  • Fertilize trees, shrubs, groundcover and lawn (continue fertilization every 5-6 weeks)
  • Put down superphosphate on azaleas, hydrangeas, and crepe myrtles in early March)
  • Spray for fungus on roses, hawthornes, and photinias
  • Set sprinkler to twice a week unless there are new plantings or whatever water restrictions dictate.


April Maintenance Tips

April showers bring beautful lawns!

  • Cut and shape plants
  • Finish up planting of cool season flowers and perennials
  • Install new sod, new plants, new trees
  • Fertilize lawn
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs
  • Set sprinklers to 3 times a week or as water restrictions dictate

May Maintenance Tips

May is the time when plants and flowers flourish!

  • Plant caladiums
  • Plant warm season annuals – zinnias, lantana, hibiscus
  • Wait until June to plant periwinkles
  • Put in landscaping and new grass
  • Cut branches that are hanging down on roof or hitting side of house
  • Raise and level low hanging branches of trees
  • Start raising mowing height of grass
  • At the end of May – cut back azaleas and hawthornes severely if needed after blooming
  • Fertilize flowers every three months with slow release fertilizer, or every 3 weeks with superbloom
  • Last call to fertilize trees.  Does not do much good after May.
  • Fertilize lawn – continue every 5-6 weeks
  • Begin spraying for insects and continue spraying for fungus
  • Set sprinklers for 3 times a week or as water restrictions dictate

June Maintenance Tips

June is the time to protect your landscaping from the heat with proper watering techniques!

  • Plant warm seasonal flowers like periwinkles
  • Landscaping is still OK but should be finishing up
  • Fertilize lawn
  • Spray crabgrass and nutgrass
  • Keep a look out for insects such as boreholes in trees
  • Chewing and sucking insects are abundant this time of year
  • Keep things sprayed, be on the lookout for fleas and ticks
  • Sprinkler check in early June prepares for hot months ahead
  • Set sprinklers every other day or as water restrictions dictate

July Maintenance Tips

July is the beginning of the most intense summer heat! Fertilizing and watering are very important!

  • Buy firecrackers for the 4th of July!
  • Install mulch in beds at least 2 inches deep to help conserve water for the hot summer months
  • Finish up any aspects of planting projects before it gets too hot
  • Time for a midsummer general cleanup
  • Fertilize lawn
  • At the end of July, apply grub control to the lawn
  • Continue insect spraying only during morning hours
  • Set sprinklers for every other day, water hanging baskets every day or as water restrictions dictate
  • Take a vacation! You deserve it! Send me a postcard!

August Maintenance Tips

August is the best time to pay someone else to mow your yard! 100+ degree weather is no fun!

  • August stinks! Don’t get heat stroke, pay us to mow your yard
  • Best time to trim trees besides January because trees are dormant from the heat and there is no exposure to the oakwilt beetle
  • Keep mower blades high
  • De-head spent blooms on crepe myrtles to encourage blooming again
  • Start bringing hydromulching to an end
  • Fertilize grass
  • Spray insects in the morning hours only
  • Water yard daily in early morning with the last station going off at sunrise or as water restrictions dictate
  • Hanging baskets by now need water twice a day
  • Not much else to do but stay cool!

September Maintenance Tips

September is a month when you can resume landscaping additions again!

  • September 1 is the deadline for hydromulching
  • Second half of September you can resume landscape planting again
  • Plant mums 3rd week of September – prime time for reseeding fescue
  • Last of September – scalp lawn and apply rye seed
  • Replace dead plants at this time
  • Start ordering fall flowers
  • Fertilize lawn and start putting fall pre-emergents down
  • Continue insect sprays in the morning hours while still hot
  • Continue to run sprinklers every day until temperatures are consistently below 98 degrees; then begin watering every other day or as water restrictions dictate

October Maintenance Tips

October is a great month to add Fall color to your landscaping!

  • Continue mowing weekly for health of grass
  • Plant mums
  • Mulch beds
  • Still OK to plant rye seed
  • Full blown time for landscaping
  • Clean gutters before winter rains
  • 3rd week of October, begin planting winter color
  • Start ending fall pre-emergents
  • Do lawn fertilizer and start tree and shrub fertilizer
  • End insect sprays
  • Set sprinkler for 2 times per week or as water restrictions dictate

November Maintenance Tips

November is a great time to infuse some winter color into your landscaping!

  • Continue planting winter color; best if pansies are planted before Thanksgiving
  • Prime time for landscaping
  • Even if you are on a maintenance program, a fall cleanup is a good idea
  • Planting rye seed is borderline at this time
  • Clean gutters before winter rains
  • Continue lawn, tree, and shrub fertilizer
  • No more insect spray
  • Set sprinklers for 2 times a week depending on rain levels or as water restrictions dictate

December Maintenance Tips

December in Texas is a great time to protect your lawn, a valuable asset, from the upcoming harsh winter weather!

  • Order a pink flamingo and send it to one of your friends, we have them for sale
  • Mulch in beds before bitter cold
  • Landscaping still ok, but do not plant anything tropical
  • Almost too late to plant winter color
  • Start getting estimates for January tree trimming
  • Do not use weed killers in lawn at this time since grass is dormant
  • End tree and shrub fertilizer
  • Winterize lawn first part of December
  • Begin dormant oil applications
  • Set sprinklers for once a week
  • Remember, we close down just before Christmas to New Year’s Day, so don’t forget to send Mike and Nancy their holiday bonus! Ha! Ha!
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